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Zoo Tycoon

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"Entertaining Zoo simulation game for all ages"
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Zoo Tycoon

This simulation game has as goal to create a prosper zoo with the implementation of capable facilities for clients and animals on the zoo. Zoo Tycoon combines the entertaining with the knowledge on how to run a business.

The main idea of the game is to create an habitat, so animals and clients will be happy interacting at each other, and with the environment. For instance, the task of the location of the animals, the choices of terrain, rocks, shelters, foliage, fences, toys, and the presence of the zookeepers all these contributes to the happiness of animals and to the display.

However, you also may need to be aware of the happiness of the clients. For example the buildings like shops, food stands, restaurants, bathrooms, and entertaining building such as movie theater will help to the client happiness. Also the artistic creation as posts, or benches will help to improve your zoo.

There are three modes in this game: Tutorial, Scenario, and Freeform. The Tutorial will teach the player how to exhibit your zoo. The Scenario mode is about complete objectives, and Freeform allow you the gamer to choose the map and the amount of money.

Zoo Tycoon would give you more monetary awards as your organization and strategy is develop during the game, and the contract of staff for your zoo like janitors, zookeepers, and guides will give you the plus to your business.

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