Youtube Movie Maker

Youtube Movie Maker

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"Easily make a YouTube video from your own sources"
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Youtube Movie Maker

Would you like to have your own video on YouTube? Do you want to use your own sources and have your movie optimized for easy online sharing with family, friends and relatives? That is possible, even without any knowledge about video formats, profiles, and other video-related technical things.

Just use the program here presented, Youtube Movie Maker.

With the Youtube Movie Maker you will have made your own YouTube video in no time, making use of your own videos, pictures, music, texts or any other source that can be incorporated into a video, thanks to its intuitive video-editing tools.

So, here you have an easy-to-use utility to not only create but also upload your videos to YouTube, worry-free.

Download this program now to see how easy it is and to find out what it exactly features, besides transitions and special effects, and other typical video creation items.

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Version 6.12
License Demonstration
On Site Since 19/July/2012
Author RZsoft Inc
Last Update 15/November/2012
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Requirements NET Framework 2.0