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"Remote control your computer from your iPhone"
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Nowadays it's perfectly possible to manage a variety of equipment installed in your premises from your computer. As such, you can control your garage door, switch the lights on and off, and even control your television, for instance. Some things might be easier to achieve than others, but the possibility is existing. As such, because you're reading this article, chances are your premises count with some of the aforementioned functionality or similar things.

So, here we present a product called wwPCRemote, which is a utility that will allow you to remotely control these things via your iPhone.

With wwPCRemote you even don't have to be at home to remotely control your computer managed equipment. As such, you might be ready to board your plane to some exotic destination and ensure your lights are switched off by using your iPhone. Or you might want to switch them on once you reached your destination, as to make the outside world believe someone is at home.

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