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"WinRAR | Manage archives and compresses files"
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The product presented here is called WinRAR. RAR, which stands for Roshal Archive, is a well-known archive file format supporting file spanning, error recovery and data compression. Eugene Roshal was the Russian software engineer who developed the RAR format. You might yet be familiar with the concept of archiving and compressing files in the ZIP format, and WinRAR also features support for such files, as well as others.

Archiving and compression comes in handy when you’d like to have multiple selected files joined into a single container or archive, furthermore compressed as to shrink its size. This makes it more suitable for backup and distribution purposes, just to give an example.

WinRAR, your Windows archiver and compressor for multiple formats

As mentioned before, WinRAR can not only handle its proprietary RAR format, but also ZIP, JAR, ARJ, ISO, TAR, 7-Zip, ACE, CAB, Z, LZH and even more formats, but we limit the enumeration just to the most common ones. All these formats can be easily decompressed using WinRAR. Furthermore, it will also enable you to create archives in the ZIP and RAR formats.

WinRAR features a user-friendly graphical interface that delivers a high functionality and it even includes a wizard to help novice users with all the basic archiving functions. It furthermore integrates into the Windows Explorer shell, providing you easy access to its basic functions through the right-click file context menu. In its settings dialogue window there’s a dedicated tab allowing you to configure the shell integration according to your personal preferences.

WinRAR, a versatile solution to keep your files safe

We already mentioned WinRAR might be considered for archival annex backup purposes and it will enable you to create and manage compression profiles. Furthermore, this application also provides secure means to protect your information since it allows you to encrypt archives using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with a 128-bit key.

Moreover, WinRAR supports files and archives of more than 8 billion GB in size and there’s no limit as to the number of files an archive can contain.

Worth noting is also the fact WinRAR features dedicated repair functionality. As such you can proactively take precautions In case your archive should become damaged by recording recovery volumes to reconstruct corrupted and damaged archives.

Conclusion about WinRAR

Nowadays one can’t do without a dedicated archiver for various reasons. One being able to efficiently create your own archives to back up important and valuable data, another one being the fact many software, multimedia and other items are distributed online in a compressed form to limit size, hence shorten the time it takes to upload and download the provided content, as well as limiting bandwidth usage.

So, if interested in giving WinRAR a try, consider proceeding to the demo download right now.

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