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"Solution facilitating printing from the DOS prompt"
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If you need to work in the DOS box, or command-line console, you might wonder how to print your output pages. Well, here we present an easy-to-use solution, called WinPrint. Supposing your printer is configured in Windows you can now make it available in the DOS environment as well.

Basically, WinPrint will enable you to send the displayed text to your printer which will start printing it out immediately.

Well, if you’re regularly using the DOS prompt you’re probably not an inexperienced computer user and as such the configuration of this application shouldn’t be any problem as it isn’t complicated at all.

WinPrint is compatible with the following standards: IBM LATIN1 (CP850), IBM LATIN2 (cp852), IBM RUSSIAN (CP866), IBM West Europe (CP437), ISO-IR 113 (CP8859-5) ISO LATIN1 (CP8859-1) , ISO LATIN2 (CP8859-2), KOI8-R (CP20866) MAZOVIA (CP620), UTF-8 (CP65001), WINDOWS East Europe (CP1250), WINDOWS RUSSIAN (CP1251) and WINDOWS West Europe (CP1252).

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Version Beta
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Author Przemek Czerkas
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 2000