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"Winplot | Generate and study graphics from several types of equations"
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The freeware download offered here is called Winplot. It’s a plotting utility which can be used for general purposes. It will enable you to draw surfaces and curves which can be presented in several formats. Furthermore, they can even be animated.

Winplot was initially released in 1985 and has evolved into the freeware plotting software you can download here.

For those unfamiliar with the term plotting, it can be defined as being a graphical technique used to represent a dataset, generally displaying the relationship between at least two variables, often used to facilitate data interpretation and presentation purposes.

Winplot, a freeware utility to create 2D and 3D plots

With Winplot you can easily draw curves and surfaces. Curves or curved lines in mathematics are used to represent data. Two-dimensional (2D) curves are called plane curves and three-dimensional (3D) ones, space or Euclidean space curves. Here we won’t enter into further mathematical and geometrical details about curves in an Euclidean plane or the Euclidean space, but we didn’t touch the surfaces yet. In mathematics and more specifically in topology a surface is a 2D topological manifold.

Whether you’re familiar or not with these scientific concepts and terminology, you might just be interested in the plotting features, so continue reading on.

Winplot comes with plenty of plotting features

The basic functionality of Winplot has been described, namely creating 2D and 3D plots by drawing surfaces and curves of functions and sequences. These can be furthermore animated using nearly two dozens of variables, each one having a corresponding slider. Note that at the time of writing one slider at a time may be animated.

Winplot also features several export options, supporting copying to the Windows clipboard to paste the graphic representation into another application, as well as various formats, including Encapsulated PostScript EPS, Scalable Vector Graphics SVG, Metafile and PiCTeX.

Winplot lets you plot advanced functions

As mentioned before, Winplot is a free application and in general such applications lack features offered by professional software. Nevertheless, Winplot features support not found in other similar plotting solutions, such as the ability to plot slope fields, implicit functions and intrinsic curves, as well as performing calculus operations on functions, including tracing trajectories on slope fields, solids of revolution and cross-sectional solids’ graphs generation, and even calculating surface and line integrals.

Conclusion about Winplot

With Winplot you will be able to plot 2D and 3D lines and surfaces of functions to represent data and go beyond, as mentioned in the previous sections. Furthermore, this freeware plotting software solution counts with a worldwide user base, providing supplementary material such as teaching modules, tutorials, animations and more. Plenty of illustration videos exist.

Hence, this application is suitable for generating graphics from implicit, explicit, cylindrical and parametric equations, including differential equations that can be represented in 2D and 3D. This is an application designed in order to generate graphical functions for the visual study of a great variety of mathematical equations.

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