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Windows Defender

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"Microsoft´s reliable protection for your computer"
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Windows Defender

Is your computer safe? Nowadays, computers can be damaged through multiple ways. One of the most dangerous threats navigating the internet is the spyware, which sometimes can even be worse than a virus. For that reason, the huge Microsoft Corporation decided to provide its users with a tool to defend their PCs against anything.

Windows Defender is a smart application designed to fully protect computers against slow performance, security threats, pop-ups, spyware and other dangerous software. It provides you with reliable protection by performing an analysis to detect spyware in your PC, and then it removes it.

The application brings useful features like the real time protection, a monitoring system that suggests actions when spyware is detected and more. The best of all is that the interface is intuitive, so that novel users can use the program with ease.

Windows Defender updates automatically. In fact, there is a mode for advanced users, as well as a mode for beginners.

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Version 1.1.1593
License Freeware
On Site Since 16/June/2010
Author Microsoft Corporation
Last Update 10/November/2014
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8