Windows 7 Dreamscene Installer

Windows 7 Dreamscene Installer

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"Get DreamScene functioning under Windows 7"
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Windows 7 Dreamscene Installer

When Windows 7 was released, people quickly noticed that is was way better than its predecessor Windows Vista. However, in most versions it lacks one superficial feature, called DreamScene. DreamScene is a simple application included in Windows Vista that allowed users to set a WMV or MPEG video as a wallpaper, and normally is only available in the 'Ultimate' version. But now, with Windows 7 DreamScene Installer, you can enjoy DreamScene on all Windows 7 versions, so you can set a video as a wallpaper and get an animated desktop background.

Windows 7 DreamScene Installer, as its name suggests, install enables DreamScene on your Windows 7 computer. This way, you will not only have animated wallpapers from the available Windows 7 themes, but you can set any video as a wallpaper. A video of your son's birthday, your last family meeting, your wedding, or the top fifty goals of all times, anything will work.

Using a video as your desktop background will not affect the functionality of your machine much, as it will use the graphics processor to render the video, in stead of the main CPU. This means that all resources will be available to you all the time. When you switch to a (full screen) application that puts high demands on your graphics card, like a game, DreamScene will detect this and disable the background video to free up the GPU for this work.

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