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"A front-end GUI for the DOS netsh command"
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The product presented here is called Wi-Host. Basically it’s a front-end GUI for the netsh command available on Windows NT operating systems from Windows 2000 onwards. You can go to the command prompt and type it to verify its availability.

Now, you might not be that fluent working with the command-line, but still interested in, for instance, setting up an ad-hoc connection in Windows 8, the latter not readily an option compared to Windows 7.

With Wi-Host you’ll be able to create a hosted network connection and as such transform your system into a hotspot for sharing your internet connection so other wireless-capable devices you might own can use it or to share files, for instance.

So, if interested in finding out more about this particular application, consider proceeding to the download to see if it suits your networking needs.

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Author Joey Cedric Poottaren
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Compatible Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista