Well Balanced

Well Balanced

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"Improve your calculation and physical comprehension skills"
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Well Balanced

The educational video game presented here is called Well Balanced. Those among you who like Sudoku can find a lot of variants here on Winportal, but you might be interested in a new type of puzzle game annex brain teaser. If you do so, consider reading on as Well Balanced might be your cup of tea.

In this video game various weights must be calculated and adjusted by the players as to keep everything in balance, hence the name of the game.

Note that alongside this article we also posted a series of screenshots as preview images, worth checking out if interested in this new kind of puzzle game.

Finally, this game provides you with sixty levels testing your physical comprehension and calculation skills.

So, if you’re ready for this point-and-click game, proceed to the free demo download to evaluate it.

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