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"Now everyone can easily create an autoplay presentation CD"
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The product presented here is called WebPageAutoRunner. Creating a CD is one thing, adding autoplay functionality is another issue, but here on Winportal you can find several dedicated tools for that purpose. Now, most of these will facilitate running an application when the CD in question is loaded, but what if you’d like to run a web page on an autoplay CD?

Well, this is where WebPageAutoRunner comes in at play. It’s a dedicated solution that will allow you to select the page in question you want to be displayed, followed by choosing additional options, such as the CD icon, a splash screen, custom window size and sound effects.

So, with this particular application it becomes a breeze for anyone to create an autorun presentation CD in no time.

Proceed to the demo download if interested in evaluating this product.

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Version 1.0
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On Site Since 1/June/2015
Author Ksoft
Last Update 1/June/2015
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Compatible Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista