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"VoipDiscount | Free Internet telephony and instant messaging solution"
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The free download offered here is called VoipDiscount. The first part of its name stands for Voice over IP (VoiP), which refers to modern technology of performing voice-based communications using the Internet Protocol (IP). Well, VoipDiscount will enable you make calls for free, the latter for certain locations, furthermore offering discount rates for sending short messages (SMS) and more.

Download the free VoipDiscount client software

VoipDiscount is available for multiple platforms, such as for your Android smartphone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and your Windows computer, but here you can download VoipDiscount for Windows for free. Installation is a breeze and simply requires you to double-click the downloaded file. Once installed, VoipDiscount will automatically start up everytime you launch your computer. That’s a standard option and can be changed in the configuration settings.

You’ll be immediately able to start calling other online VoipDiscount users by simply providing their username and clicking the dedicated dial button, call landlines by providing the phone number and hitting the dial button, and you can buy credit for other calls.

Note that because this is an internet-based telephone service you should always a phone number that start with 00, followed by the country code and the area code, before the actual subscriber’s number.

Make calls to the entire world with VoipDiscount

Here you have a client application for your Windows computer which will enable you to make cheap or even free national and international calls.

VoipDiscount is a perfect solution to use with your headset and microphone on your modern computer for calling almost any country worldwide. It will provide you an easy-to-use tabbed graphical interface with a dial pad just like on a regular phone, one labeled start, one for your contacts, one to make direct calls, one for sending SMS messages, one labeled History and more.

As mentioned before, besides being an IP phone solution, VoipDiscount can also be considered an instant messenger (IM) application as you can use it to chat with other VoipDiscount users, providing features such as avatars and status messages.

Furthermore, it encompasses an address book which enables grouping contacts into categories and contact details can be imported from other applications such as Skype or Microsoft Outlook, to mention just some, or entered manually. Moreover, you’ll also be able to backup your contact list and contact details can be easily sent to someone else.

VoiPDiscount, a feature-rich communication solution

As you see, VoipDiscount is a versatile communication utility, providing instant messaging and phone functionality, all readily available from your Windows computer with the free desktop client you can download here. To resume and mention some features not mentioned yet it features customisable hotkeys, automatic phonebook popup, both outgoing and incoming call notifications, call forwarding, call history, among others.

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