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"Easily connect to your PC from any other PC"
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Today´s technology has gotten so far, that nowadays it is possible to connect to your home PC or any PC you wish to view and interact with, from any place in Earth, of course all thanks to applications like VNC.

This application´s name comes from “Virtual Network Computing” and it aims to act as a visualization remote system that besides of letting you visualize the desktop of a PC that is somewhere else (at home, work, etc.), will also let you interact with it.

The computer´s desktop you wish to interact with and view has to have the Server version of VNC installed, while the computer you´re going to use in order to control another PC needs to have the Viewer version installed.

Just to let you know about an advantage of VNC, we can mention that the PCs don´t even have to be on equal conditions. For instance, you can run a Linux OS computer on a Windows machine at home.

With VNC, you can easily connect to your PC with any laptop, notebook or PC from any place in Earth.

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