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VLC Media Player

As you reached this page and are reading this article, chances are you’re looking around for the right media player or streaming media server for your multimedia needs, as here we present the dedicated, free open-source product called VLC Media Player.

With VLC Media Player you have a free and open-source media player that is capable of reproducing almost any audio or video file so you won’t have to worry about file formats supported and receiving error messages indicating a codec is missing on your system, for example.

VLC started in 1996 as a VideoLAN Client, hence the abbreviation, but nowadays VLC Media Player is also a streaming media server, which we will detail further in this article.

VLC Media Player is actually available for multiple platforms and devices, including iOS and Android at the time of writing this article, but here we present you the freeware version for your Windows desktop computer.

VLC Media Player lets you play and enjoy your multimedia files

It’s a known fact multimedia nowadays comes in many formats and as such most media players will at some point be incapable of playing back your material and as such you can’t readily enjoy what you planned to watch or listen to. With VLC Media Player this is past tense because you won’t get bothered by questions about downloading this or that codec, it will just playback your multimedia files so you can readily enjoy them, taking away the worrying about file formats being supported.

With VLC Media Player you have found a versatile and stable multimedia player supporting a very wide range of formats, including High-Definition (HD) ones, DVDs and streaming protocols, among others. Furthermore, it will detect and display subtitles in various kinds of files and recognizes metadata tags for audio files as well.

Moreover, also note that this application is even capable of reproducing incomplete audio and video files.

VLC Media Player is also a streaming media server

Besides its capacity to play back video files on your local computer, VLC Media Player can also stream them throughout your private local area network (LAN), hence function as a streaming media server.

So, VLC Media Player is not just a mere client application for playing back multimedia content, as it also features streaming media server functionality, which enables you to stream content to devices connected on your home network, such as your modern television set for example. This functionality eliminates the need to copy your multimedia to a USB stick for example, as it will be transferred over the network and transcoded automatically to provide the best quality your receiving device supports.

Conclusion about VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is an easy-to-use application with a simple yet clear graphical user interface any type of user, whether beginner or professional, should be able to manage easily. It also supports skins to change its appearance according to your personal taste, playback control through command-line, a web browser or telnet, and many other features.

When proceeding to the free download you can start using this versatile multimedia player annex streaming media server and as such find out more about it while enjoying your video and audio material.

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