Visual Boy Advance

Visual Boy Advance

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"Play Game Boy Advance, Colour and Super GB games in you PC"
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Visual Boy Advance

The Nintendo Team knew that the idea of making fans able to take their favourite games with them would be brilliant, for that reason they created the famous Game Boy consoles and now there is a way to play this GB games in your PC.

Visual Boy Advance is an emulator that will let you play games for Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advanced and Super Game Boy Nintendo portable consoles in your computer. It is ideal for players that have lost or broken their GB consoles.

There´s still more, as this GB emulator brings features to enhance the gaming experience. The Cheat Mode is one of the favourites for the majority of players, as it allows discovering hidden tricks in games. It also brings a screen capturer that offers the possibility of recording our game sessions in a video.

To start playing with Visual Boy Advance, you just have to load the rom of the game by dragging and dropping it into its window. It will open them even if they are ZIP compressed.

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