Virtual WiFi Router

Virtual WiFi Router
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Virtual WiFi Router

If you want to share your Internet, but you don't have a wireless modem, you can use Virtual WiFi Router. This program has the main purpose of enabling a WiFi connection for other devices. This application makes your PC a hot-spot, to give to other devices a possibility to connect to Internet and to the shares you have set. It's a handy utility if you want to share Internet with other machines in your house, without having it put down extra cables.

There are two conditions that have to be met to use Virtual WiFi Router successfully: You need to have both types of network connections (WiFi and normal network) available in your computer; and you have to be running Windows 7. Your internet router (or modem) has to be connected to your normal network-card.

Thanks to the nice and simple interface executing this tool is no problem. To use this utility you need to configure some settings. This mainly is about the way you share your connection. If you don't want to have other people using your WiFi, you can set a password and the form of encryptions (WEP, WPA). With Virtual WiFi Router, you are able to share your Internet with mobile phones, computers, laptops and others devices.

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