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"Viper | Easily detect online plagiarism for text-based documents"
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The freeware download presented here is called Viper. With the rise of the internet many educational institutions have noticed plagiarism incremented, as nowadays there’s a whole worldwide web of information readily accessible. Hence, many take the available information not only for granted, but also copy it and use it in their own writings, without even mentioning their sources. Of course, this is not only happening in the educational field, but also when it comes to article writing and publishing, just to give another example.

Now, with Viper you’ll have a free software solution to check for plagiarism on the internet.

Viper, a plagiarism checker you can rely on

Without the right tools checking for plagiarism is not an easy task, but with a dedicated application such as Viper you will be capable of quickly and easily verify text-based material against over ten billion of scanned sources at the time of writing this article.

Did you know this article has also been checked in a similar way? Of course, as plagiarism happens everywhere and for a variety of reasons and purposes publications might have to be unique in a certain sense. Furthermore, you should always mention your sources when copying text literally, as you might be familiar with the term copyright. We won’t go into further details about the latter, but if you doubt your own texts or the essays, articles and other material you need to review, rate, evaluate or publish, might be plagiarism, Viper is your way to go.

If you had written a document and someone was plagiarising it, wouldn't you like to find out?

If you are suspecting that there is some place where they are plagiarising your documents or you just would like to check whether this is happening or no, Viper will be very helpful for you.

Viper supports a variety of text sources

Viper is an application that will help you identify plagiarized text passages as well as potentially similar content. That way, you will get to know if plagiarism is taking place.

Viper supports various file formats, including Microsoft Word DOC, plain text TXT, Rich Text Format RTF and HyperText Markup Language HTML documents.

This application comes with an easy-to-use and intuitive graphical interface where the documents to be checked will be entered, after which a scan will be initiated. As a the application will create a table with the results so you can easily find or identify all the places where plagiarism has been detected.

Conclusion about Viper

Some decades ago the internet as we know it now more or less started and was quickly dubbed the worldwide source of information. Despite many quickly realised its potential for educational or research purposes, it was also noted that side-effects appeared as well. Think of disinformation and plagiarism. Now, people might have been able to copy texts without any consequence over the years, but plagiarism is something that can be easily dealt with nowadays, using dedicated applications, such as the freeware anti-plagiarism or plagiarism detection utility called Viper which you can download here.

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