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"Download the free UltraSurf proxy and enjoy the internet without restrictions"
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The free download offered is called UltraSurf. It’s a freeware solution you might be interested in for a variety of reasons. Originally developed for Chinese internauts to help them find online freedom and protect their privacy, UltraSurf is now an internationally popular internet censorship circumvention solution.

Surf the internet with UltraSurf, bypassing censorship

More and more the free internet gets regulated and stories hit the news of regimes censoring and limiting access to the worldwide web, avoiding people to access information and communicate with the outside world. With UltraSurf such censorship can be circumvented, providing a solution to bypass firewall restrictions using a proxy server.

At the time of writing this product counts with over ten million users and is generally lauded as an important tool for promoting free speech on the internet.

UltraSurf continuously improved over more than a decade to become the application you can download here to use the internet in a more private and secure way.

UltraSurf protects your online privacy. How is this done?

In places where internet censorship is enforced by their governments, protecting your privacy is another element to be taken into account, especially when circumventing the government measures. As such, UltraSurf encompasses features to protect your online privacy. UltraSurf will hide your IP address - by which normally your computer can be located - through the use of a proxy server. As such, websites visited and intercepted traffic will be misled and the UltraSurf servers’ IP addresses are changed very frequently to overcome filtering and other IP-based censorship techniques. The client application executed on the user’s computer will create an encrypted HTTP tunnel through which you can use the internet via the provided proxy servers.

Moreover, all communications will be encrypted as well, but we won’t go into more technical details involved here.

With UltraSurf you’ll leave no traces behind

The aforementioned techniques will protect your privacy from the online side, but the client software you can download here furthermore doesn’t require any installation to be performed, which means you can include UltraSurf on a removable USB drive or stick and execute it right away from your portable medium anywhere and anytime you have access to a compatible computer. By default this application, which is only available for the Windows platform, will run through the standard Internet Explorer browser that comes preinstalled with the operating system, but a Firefox tool is available elsewhere on Winportal as well.

Conclusion about UltraSurf

If you value online privacy, security and freedom, Ultrasurf should be considered. This is a dedicated utility allowing you to effectively access content not available for your country. Furthermore, it will protect your privacy in such a way it will be difficult to locate you given the data provided to the outside world . On the other hand, on the local Windows computer only an executable is required without the need to be installed, hence no traces will be left behind.

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