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"Innovative and efficient photo editor/manager"
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Turbo Photo

Turbo Photo is a simple, but at the time powerful graphic editor that enables users to edit and optimize their images the ways they want. It is up for beginners and digital camera users as well as for photographers and professionals.

The program´s interface is something to highlight. It splits functions into six main areas: Transform, Exposure, Colour, Enhancement, Frame and an extra one called TP Community. You can use the first 5 areas to tweak every aspect of a photo or image and make it as perfect as you wish by using the essential options and functions. You´ll enjoy the batch processing support, as it allows you to work on multiple photos at once.

One of the best points in Turbo Photo is that it brings an exclusive set of functions: noise reduction, smart erase, HSB curve, tone maker, between others.

You can also use the program to view, print and manage your images or photos. With the “what´s wrong” wizard you´ll be able to use any function with ease.

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Version 6.7
License Demonstration
On Site Since 15/June/2010
Author Stepok Image Lab.
Last Update 26/December/2012
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Language English (GB) Traditional Chinese
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Millennium, Windows Vista