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"Securely share and control computers over the internet"
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The product presented here matured over the years. It is called TeamViewer and its latest version offers anyone that has to deal with remote controlling and assistance state-of-the art technology and features. It is a secure application that will enable showing presentations, products, documents, software solutions and others, without the need to be physically present at that location.

As such, you can share your screen or a specific application, you can take over a computer, reboot it, initiate communication with your client through the session, send and receive files, among others. By using this application, you can smoothly control about everything on someone else's desktop directly from your own computer screen, just as if you were sitting next to that person. In fact, it works in both ways: you can control someone's desktop and someone may take control over yours.

On the client side there is no need for installing the product, but it can be useful for administrating that computer to have TeamViewer automatically starting up when Windows does. Furthermore, this product is not limited to Windows machines, there is also support for Mac and Linux users and there is even an Android app available as well, but this download will not function on those operating systems. This really is a feature-rich utility you can freely use for non-commercial purposes, and it is worth considering.

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