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SWF to MP3 Converter

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"Easily convert SWF audio to MP3 and WAV files"
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SWF to MP3 Converter

The product presented here is called SWF to MP3 Converter. SWF is the Flash movie format and MP3 a lossy audio format. Now, as you can deduce from its title, here you have a dedicated converter.

As a matter of fact, the sound elements of an SWF are in the WAV or MP3 audio format and SWF to MP3 Converter will create a file in either of these formats for each sound elements encountered in a given SWF source file.

This application furthermore supports all SWF file versions, enables merging multiple MP3 files into a single one, command-line and batch conversion, drag-and-drop, and it also features a straightforward graphical user interface. Note that some screenshots of the latter in action can be found in the images section of this page.

So, if interested in this particular converter, consider proceeding to the demo download to give it a try and evaluate if it suits your needs.

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Version 2.4 build 189
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