Super Mario World Deluxe

Super Mario World Deluxe

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"A DOS emulation of the popular Super Mario World"
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Super Mario World Deluxe

Super Mario World is one of the most popular games ever, originally released for the Super Nintendo console. Now, here we present Super Mario World Deluxe, a version for your Windows computer directly based on the original one.

Super Mario World Deluxe is some kind of ROM from the original but no special emulation software is required to run it on your PC. Note though that it only works in the DOS mode.

So, now you can play Super Mario World Deluxe on your Windows computer and its very close to the original. As such, you’ll encounter the same graphics, sounds and music.

So, Super Mario World lives on, more than two decades after its initial Japanese release in 1990 and now anyone with a regular Windows computer can enjoy hours of gaming pleasure with Mario and Luigi saving Dinosaur Land from Bowser.

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Version 0.40
License Freeware
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Author BB Software
Last Update 15/July/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows Millennium, Windows Vista, Windows 7