Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery

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"Dedicated Microsoft Word file repair utility"
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Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery

Users of Microsoft Office Word might be particularly interested in the dedicated recovery solution presented here, called Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery.

A Microsoft Word document might contain valuable data and is often the result of many working hours dedicated to create and maintain that file, maybe even involving various persons.

Now, when such a file becomes corrupt or damaged, all your data, charts and formulas might be unaccessible. No despair though, as with this MS Word repair utility you will be able to recover various objects safely.

As such, Stellar Phoenix Word Recovery provides an easy-to-use three-steps process where you first search or select for the corrupt Microsoft Word sources, then click on the designated button to initiate their reparation and finally you’ll save the repaired result to the location of your choice.

It supports both the DOC and DOCX file formats.

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Version 4.1
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Compatible Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP