SoftPerfect LAN Search Pro

SoftPerfect LAN Search Pro

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"Facilitate finding and managing network files"
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SoftPerfect LAN Search Pro

The freeware download offered here is called SoftPerfect LAN Search Pro. If you’re on a local area network (LAN), this dedicated utility will significantly facilitate locating network files. Not only is it a free application, but also a fast solution for searching across your network using file names or file types, in IP subnets, restricted access resources, hidden network resources, LAN FTP servers, among others.

SoftPerfect LAN Search Pro furthermore features a built-in password manager and support for performing file management actions on the items encountered, including rename, copy and move, filtering, sorting, exporting, searching within the results, and more.

Last but not least, it also features support for command-line switches as well.

So, if interested proceed to the free download and note that we also presented its portable version, called LAN Search Pro Portable on Winportal as well.

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Version 9.1.1
License Freeware
On Site Since 15/December/2014
Author SoftPerfect Research
Last Update 25/May/2015
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2012