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"Now you will be able to know all the changes of your shared folders"
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You want to have control of your shared folders, but you don't know how to do it? For this we have ShareWatcher, a program which gives you the opportunity to monitor your file shares in your network. This program allows you to detect any kind of changes which are made to your files, by another person, giving you the necessary information all the time.

It features a characteristic, to detect at any moment when a new file arrives in your shared folder. ShareWatcher can work with FTP folders and remote network shares. This is an easy to use utility, which allows you to review all the files that have been accessed, and also receive an alert in your tray. If you want to customize it, you can change the settings.

You will be updated at any time about the files that you share with certain people and also a complete list of all your documents that have been accessed. So if you work with FTP folders or a remote

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Version 2.0
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