Remote Deployment

Remote Deployment

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"Automate remote deployment on your network computers"
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Remote Deployment

Software distribution is a special branch that's been around since the first computer frameworks in larger companies like financial institutions for instance. Nowadays we're more used to the actual networks and even SOHOs are growing steadily. This means we're getting more and more networked computers to maintain and, you guessed it, distribute software to.

So, here we present the integrated Remote Deployment tool to offer you one-click software distribution across the LAN.

This might be a real time-saver, and as such, a cost-saver too. Furthermore, it also guarantees identical software versions on your computers.

With Remote Deployment you have a silent deployment process available, so the installation process will not interrupt the end-users, and configuration on the remote machines will also be avoided.

For more interesting details and features it's recommended downloading this software.

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Version 5.5.40
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On Site Since 23/July/2012
Author EMCO Software
Last Update 16/June/2015
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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008