Registry CleanUP

Registry CleanUP

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"A dedicated registry maintenance solution and more"
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Registry CleanUP

The product presented here is called Registry CleanUP. As you landed on this page the Windows registry probably doesn’t need to be explained. Nevertheless, you might be new to it and as such a bit afraid of touching it. Well, you'd better recur to dedicated software to clean up the registry instead of manually trying to do so.

Registry CleanUP is a solution to conveniently remove obsolete and useless registry keys in no time.

Note that a registry analysis will be performed and displayed before errors will be searched for and can be deleted. The latter is the choice of the user.

But there’s more. This application not only cleans up the registry, but also features support for defragmenting it and it even facilitates managing the Windows startup as well.

So, if interested in evaluating this product, proceed to the free demo download right now.

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Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Requirements NET Framework 2.0