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"Recuva | Easily recover lost files with this free data recovery program"
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The freeware data recovery solution presented here is called Recuva. Its name sounds like recover when spoken out loud and that’s exactly what it does. Chances are you’re using your computer or other technological devices on a daily basis and that means digital data you save to keep. To illustrate the context of the application presented here, a simple example might be your holiday pictures. Imagine you moved the images from your digital camera to your Windows computer and they got deleted by accident. You cannot even find them in the Recycle bin and start sweating.

Well, this is the kind of situation you might want to recur to Recuva. The quicker you do so when reaching to the conclusion your files are missing, the higher the possibility you’ll be able to recover them. Of course, this counts for any type of files, including music, ebooks, documents, and others.

Worth mentioning in the context of data loss is the fact you should consider preventing it and as such regularly create a backup copy of important data and it has been proven multiple backups is to be considered to increase the chances of keeping your data safe. Data recovery is the last resource and it can’t assure you’ll get everything back.

Recuva can recover lost or deleted files from many locations

If you have deleted important files by mistake, don't worry, Recuva will take care of it. It is a special program capable of efficiently recovering files that have been deleted from your computer, a digital camera card, an MP3 player, and even from the recycle bin.

The reason why they got missing or deleted doesn’t really matter. The point is to get them back as fast as possible.

As a matter of fact, your files might not really be erased from the storage medium as the Windows system will only flag the disk space they occupied as being free to be used. Now, there’s no way to predict when that will actually happen, but the point is to stop using that storage medium, if possible, and run Recuva to try to recover what’s still there before new data overwrites your files.

Recuva is a user-friendly data recovery solution

Not only does Recuva comes with a user-friendly and intuitive graphical interface which will make working with it fairly easy. It also offers you the option to select which type of files you’d like to recover, such as images, music, documents, video or emails for example. If you’re in a hurry you can opt for the quick-start wizard mode to try to get your lost files back in a snap. Nevertheless, you might also select the deep scan mode to find more data back. We won’t go into describing the technical difference between those modes, but let it be clear that if you lost a significant amount of files, you might want to take the time to run a deep scan.

When Recuva finishes the scanning process you’ll be presented a list of the found items and an indication of their recoverability status. You can then select the items you’d like to try to recover.

Conclusion about Recuva

As mentioned, Recuva can pretty much undelete or recover files from any storage device and it offers you both a quick and a profound way to do so. Even if your disk has been formatted or damaged and looks completely empty, Recuva can still detect files on them, hence try to recover them.

Last but not least, it’s worth mentioning that this application can also be used to erase files beyond recovery as well.

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