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Puzzle Agent
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"Solve the case investigated by solving the puzzles"
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Puzzle Agent

Puzzle Agent is a game where the protagonist is an FBI agent in charge of resolving a very mysterious case for which he has to travel to Scoggins, Minnesota. You’re that agent and to crack the case, you’ll need to solve all the puzzles faced with.

This game mixes a set of elements which might remind you of the X-Files, Fargo and Professor Layton. So, you’ll have to deal with all kinds of mind games where mystery and humor are the main ingredients..

Puzzle Agent offers you an entertaining story which will make you enjoy every challenge while unravelling the mystery surrounding this case.

So, are you up for this game where you need to solve a mysterious case through solving puzzles and mind games? If you are, proceed to the download and challenge your mind and puzzle-solving abilities.

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On Site Since 22/March/2011
Author Telltale Games
Last Update 5/July/2013
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Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7