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"Record streaming broadcasts and play them back at a later time"
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The product belonging to the internet online TV category presented here is called PlayLater. It’s a dedicated solution that will facilitate recording shows and movies from a variety of streaming sites so you can easily play and watch them at a later time.

You might for example have a subscription for particular streaming sites, such as Netflix or Hulu, just to name some, and as such you know some movies and shows are offered for a limited time only. Now, with PlayLater you will be able to download your favourite ones to your computer’s hard disk drive, which not only allows you to enjoy them at a later moment, but also to play them without the need for an internet connection. Furthermore, you will also be able to transfer your recordings onto your mobile devices and take them along with you.

So, if interested in evaluating this product in detail, proceed to the demo download right now.

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