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"Capture screenshots, video and audio out of your games"
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If you want to brag about how good you are at a game, or if you want to make a tutorial for novice players, making a video is the best option. However, capturing a video out of your game does not only slow down your computer, but it also gives you extra problems. Distorted resolution, computer freezing or huge extracted files make it a not-worth-it issue. But with PlayClaw, even resource-demanding games will be able to be captured.

PlayClaw is a game capturing software that allows you to take screenshots, and record videos and audio from your games. You can choose different formats, so you will be able to select, for example, low size files that occupy less memory. High resolution recording is also possible with PlayClaw. What is more, you can adjust the size of the capture and its frame rate. This program works well with Windows Vista and 7.

Now you will be able to show off about your exciting games, learn from your experiences and review that fun again with this powerful game capturing tool.

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