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"Virtual grand piano as standalone or VSTi plug-in"
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VSTi stands for Virtual Studio Technology instrument, a plug-in technique developed by Steinberg that has become the de facto standard for audio related plug-ins on the Windows platform. On Winportal we offer a wide range of VST plug-ins, mainly effects, but here we present a VSTi plug-in which is a virtual instrument. VST and VSTi plug-ins can be used by Digital Audio Workstations (DAW) that functions as their host.

Here we present Pianissimo, a virtual grand piano, delivering a rich and war sound typical for an expressive classic grand piano.

Pianissimo can not only be used as VSTi but also functions as a standalone virtual grand piano.

So, whether you're looking to incorporate a piano in your DAW or to play on your own, you might want to see what this great piano simulator features and is capable of.

The only way to find out is downloading it.

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