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"An integrated development environment to create modern websites"
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The product presented here is called phpDesigner. It’s a PHP IDE, with PHP standing for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor, being an often-used server-side scripting language and IDE, for Integrated Development Environment.

As such, if you’ve been searching for a powerful utility to facilitate creating modern websites, your search might be over because you could combine all your web development into this application, featuring not only support for PHP, but also for HTML5, JS and CSS3.

So, phpDesigner supports various languages, code snippets, highlighters, debugging functionality, and more.

Consider checking out the provided preview images of its graphical user interface and proceeding to the free demo download if interested in finding out more details about this product as to evaluate whether it might suit your requirements.

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Version 8.1.2
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Last Update 18/March/2015
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