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"A tool to boot your system from your USB-Flash Memory"
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Would you like to boot your system from your USB Flash Memory? For that task we have PeToUSB. Usually with your USB-Stick this kind of process is not possible to do. But with this application, you will be able to create a bootable medium with it's own Windows. This program will give you an advantage if your hard drive presents problems, or if the computer can't boot Windows. This software you will give you the opportunity to boot a different version of Windows, so you can check the system.

When your computer is not able to boot, you can enter your computer with a prepared USB-stick. Set up your computer to boot from your USB-Memory and you will able to fix your system without using it's own operating system. But be sure that your system supports this, because some computer don't allow to boot from the USB-port. The external memory that is prepared with PeToUSB has several tools on it, which can help to remedy the problems you can encounter on a hard drive.

With this program you will be able to solve problems in the future. If your computer doesn't work for any reason, try booting from your USB-Stisk or USB-Hard Disc and maybe you can correct the issue that prevents it. Thanks to PeToUSB you have a tool to be prepared.

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