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"Simple VPN client to access blocked content"
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If you didn't run into this situation yet, be prepared to face the moment you will get a message indicating certain content is blocked in your country, whether it is a video or some website, with

OkayFreedom you will be able to bypass these restrictions. It is an easy way to circumvent the blocking in place and at the same time protecting your privacy. Don't get frustrated anymore when you cannot access certain information you need. This problem is history with the online service offered by OkayFreedom. As it is a VPN service, using it you access the internet through a Virtual Private Network connection, as such, effectively hiding your traces and preventing someone from following your tracks. If OkayFreedom recognizes whether the content you try to access is restricted in your country, it automatically redirects you over a server that will allow you to view the content you looked for.

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