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Office CleanUP
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"A dedicated Microsoft Office maintenance utility"
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Office CleanUP

The product presented here is called Office CleanUP. The Office in its title refers to Microsoft Office. Various editions or versions of this product have been released and several of them are also available via Winportal. Just use our search engine and they will be listed.

Now, Office CleanUp is a dedicated tool to that will help you dealing with errors that could occur when running one of these MS Office productivity suite’s applications. It features support for most releases from 97 up to 2010, hence you might be able to use it when you get confronted with an error message or you notice some function doesn’t work properly.

This utility will enable you to return to the original situation be performing a complete reinstall just requiring a click. Furthermore, several configuration options are available for a personalised installation, as well as repairing files such as Microsoft Outlook PST and OST files.

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