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"Paste colourful and special notes on your desktop"
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With Note-It you will be able to paste as many notes as you wish on your desktop. Each of the notes to be pasted can have a different colour. Not only that, but they can be pasted with different font sizes and even several levels of transparency. Probably the best of all is that all notes also have support for displaying images, it can´t be a more intuitive reminder for you.

What´s more, the program also includes special types of notes. For instance, they may show information about the actual time, hard drives or RAM memory and processor´s performance.

The notes produced by Note-It work exactly as the classic removable self-adhesive notes (like post-it) that we usually stick around our screen to keep multiple tasks in mind or to remember any of them. Besides of being more colourful, the notes you can produce with the program also avoid the necessity of wasting paper.

Note-It can email notes, save and even print them.

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