MySQL Community Server

MySQL Community Server
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"A powerful relational database management system"
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MySQL Community Server

MySQL Community Server is one of the most popular open source relational database management systems. Commonly known as just MySQL, it is constantly being improved and adding support by the community, which consists of enthusiasts and developers. This is a great application and it is very popular, because of its high performance, reliability, and it is quite easy to use and to install. With this database manager, you are able to store large amounts of data to many different databases easily. You are also able to use various different programming languages, including Python, Perl, PHP, Java and C++.

MySQL Community Server is open source, meaning that you are allowed to edit and to modify the program, in order to improve the code and make your databases run more efficiently. The application also offers some protection for your databases, by letting you add a password to each one. This will help to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the important information that is stored in the databases.

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