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"Outstanding tool to equalize volume of MP3 songs"
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Mp3Gain PRO

When listening to music from an MP3 player, twisting the volume knob every time the player changes to another song can be pretty boring, but not anymore with MP3Gain Pro.

This particular tool is capable of analyzing and tweaking MP3 songs so that they have an equalized volume. A feature that outstands a lot is that besides of doing peak normalization, this tool performs statistical analysis in order to find out how loud a song sounds to the human ear, a pretty cool consideration for our health.

With MP3Gain Pro, any changes performed are lossless. That’s right, it does not decode or re-encode so that quality doesn´t decrease with the changes.

By using this precise volume normalizer, you will give your arms and volume knob a long rest at the time that you MP3 player changes to a new song.

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