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Morae Manager

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"The Manager component of the Morae usability testing product"
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Morae Manager

Elsewhere on Winportal we presented the product called Morae, a dedicated usability testing solution consisting of several components. The Morae Recorder component can be found elsewhere on Winportal and here we present you the Morae Manager component.

Usability testing basically consists of measuring characteristics of a user interface, be it for a website or an application interface for example. These characteristics might encompass efficiency, easiness and accessibility. The aforementioned recorder component will eanbale recording on-screen activity.

Now, the Morae Manager component is an application for the post-experiment phase, used to place annex edit markers on the timeline and extracting data concerning fragments of the testing session, as well as to create highlight videos from the previously recorded sessions.

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Version 3.3.3
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On Site Since 28/February/2011
Author TechSmith Corporation
Last Update 17/July/2014
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