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"Microsoft Word - The most popular word processor"
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Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is the renown word processor belonging to the Microsoft Office productivity suite. It’s a full-blown text editor with plenty of features and even some basic desktop publishing capabilities.

Mastering Microsoft Word has become a basic skill and is often a job requirement, hence you might be interested in downloading the latest version of this standard in word processing if you aspire occupying an office job position. Students and anyone writing a document that requires something more than just plain text will appreciate this dedicated application, just as the millions of users who already use this product for years.

Microsoft Word, a feature-rich and advanced word processor

Microsoft Word is probably for most regular office computer users one of the basic applications used on a daily basis to create and read documents, written or edited on a computer. Hence, when speaking of documents, one often thinks Microsoft Word, the word processor many grew up with and still a market leader.

Nowadays, many couldn’t do without features such as spell-checking and automatic error correction, besides rich text functionality such as making words stand out using bold, italics or underlining. You can use many different fonts in Word documents, tables, themes, templates, headings, automatic tables of contents, find and replace, insert pictures, shapes, SmartArt, WordArt, charts, hyperlinks, bookmarks cross-reference, comments, headers, footers, objects, equations and symbols, and so on.

Its ribbon menu also features other design items including watermarking and page borders, there’s a dedicated page layout section, one for references such as footnotes, endnotes, tables of contents, figures and authorities, among others.

Mailing is another ribbon menu section, offering advanced mail merging functionality. Document revision features are also available and a viewing section is also standard.

Furthermore, Microsoft Word’s basic functionality can be extended using add-ins and of course, being part of the Microsoft Office suite, it features advanced integration with the other applications forming part of that family of products. Last but not least, the latest version is also suitable for SharePoint collaborative services.

More than three decennia of Microsoft Word history

Microsoft Word’s history goes way back to the early eighties and the first release for Windows was in 1989. From 1995 onwards it has been included in the renown Microsoft Office or Windows suite, alongside applications such as Excel and PowerPoint and the latest version being number 15.0 is called Word 2013, reflecting the year in which it was released. Through times, its DOC file format versions annex file extension has become a de facto standard associated with text documents and since the Word 2007 version, the new standard format for Microsoft Word documents has become DOCX. At the same time the so-called ribbon interface was also introduced.

Being a Microsoft product, just as your Windows operating system, it’s guaranteed to work well with your computer, of course taking into account the compatibility requirements.

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