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Microsoft Excel Viewer

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"A costless solution to open and view Microsoft Excel spreadsheets"
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Microsoft Excel Viewer

The freeware download presented here is called Microsoft Excel Viewer. Elsewhere on Winportal we presented the product called Microsoft Excel, the spreadsheet solution that became a de facto standard, in detail. Now, you might not be an active user of that product, but you might receive every now and then an MS Excel spreadsheet. As such, you might be interested in the Microsoft Excel Viewer offered here.

Microsoft Excel Viewer enables you to open Microsoft Excel spreadsheets

The freeware release Microsoft Excel Viewer has a pretty self-explanatory title, being a free application offered by Microsoft enabling anyone to open Excel spreadsheets and view their content. Furthermore, it will also allow you to print them out as well and if you’ve installed a virtual printer, you might even print annex save such files to the Portable Document Format (PDF), for example.

Note that it doesn’t require the aforementioned Microsoft Excel to be installed on your system.

Microsoft Excel Viewer supports all Excel versions and features

Microsoft Excel Viewerfeatures support for any Microsoft Excel file annex format, whether it’s an older XLS file or a newer XLSX one, the latter became the standard from Microsoft Excel 2007 onwards. As such, even if the spreadsheets you receive are made with the latest version of Microsoft Excel, the 2013 version at the time of writing, you’ll be able to display and browse through their content with the help of this dedicated viewer.

Now, Microsoft Excel workbooks often include functions, tables, charts and other spreadsheet-related items, with the this viewer you’ll have an easy-to-use solution to access that information, which might be required for your ongoing investigations, studies or job-specific tasks.

This dedicated viewer is a standalone application, hence no additional software is required to use it on a computer running a compatible Windows operating system. The Microsoft Excel Viewer you can download here is the latest version actually made available by Microsoft.

To ensure the functionality of this Microsoft spreadsheet viewer solution is clear, we explicitely mention it won’t enable you to make changes to the content of the Excel files you open with it. To do so you’ll have to recur to the Microsoft Excel office productivity application referred to earlier.


Here you have an official Microsoft release, compatible with any Microsoft Excel file, allowing you to open, view and print MS Excel workbooks and spreadsheets. Microsoft Excel Viewer might as such be just the solution you’ve been looking for to access the content of such files because the Excel spreadsheet format is an often-used standard for lists, tables, numeric data, statistics, among others.

Last but not least, this is a rather small freeware application, so if you’ve been reading through the whole article, you shouldn’t hesitate any longer and hit the download button to start using it right away or to add this program to your software toolkit to have it readily available when needed.

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