MediaHuman YouTube to MP3

MediaHuman YouTube to MP3

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"Get a YouTube video in the MP3 audio file format"
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MediaHuman YouTube to MP3

As many among us, chances are you regularly make use of YouTube, especially when it comes down to music of new artists, live performances, or older records that may be hard to find. There's so much music on YouTube and sometimes it might be the only available source.

Now, some of these tunes only come with simple cover art, or you might not even be interested in the visuals at all. You just want that music as an MP3 to be able to reproduce it on any of your devices.

Well, here we present a solution for situations like these, called MediaHuman YouTube to MP3.

With MediaHuman YouTube to MP3 you are able to save the sound of a YouTube video to your music library in the highest quality possible. In other words, it will extract the audio of a video hosted on YouTube. This free utility supports MP3 and AAC (M4A).

Now, download it and go back to your YouTube sources to give it a try.

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