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"Find the words of the songs you listen to"
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The freeware download presented here is called Lyrics. If you like singing along with the songs you listen to but you don’t know the entire lyrics, you might be particularly interested in this program that will facilitate obtaining the correct song texts.

Lyrics is a Winamp plugin. Elsewhere on Winportal Winamp, a versatile and feature-rich media player used by millions, has been presented in detail and you can read more about it as well as download it for free by clicking the provided link.

This plugin will provide you a series of features, such as perform Winamp operations and access tag information, besides the fact it contains hundreds of thousands lyrics for many popular songs.

So, if you’re a Winamp user yet, or plan to b,e and interested in Lyrics, proceed to the free download right now.

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Version 1.0
License Freeware
On Site Since 9/January/2011
Author FreeSoft S.r.l.
Last Update 30/October/2012
Download Using our download manager (DownloadMR®)
Language English (GB)
Compatible Windows XP, Windows 7