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"Flexible, lightweight and easy-to-use web-based event calendar"
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If you're looking for a free web-based event calendar for your SOHO, consider reading on, as here we present the product called LuxCal.

This is a simple, lightweight and easy-to-use application coming with an intuitive user-friendly interface. It furthermore is flexible and uses modern state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Administrating and maintaining it will be easy.

LuxCal is also using a free MySQL database and is PHP-powered, so if your server supports both of these, you're ready to run this free web-based event calendar for your small business or home use and as such facilitate organizing and keeping track of appointments and events wherever you are.

So, if you're interested in finding out more about this free and flexible calendar's features and to see if it suits your needs, proceed to the download.

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Version 2.6.0
License Demonstration
On Site Since 6/January/2012
Author LuxSoft
Last Update 1/October/2013
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Language English (GB) Spanish (Spain) Italian German Danish Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Swedish Turkish French
Compatible Windows XP, Windows Millennium, Windows Vista, Windows 7