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"LiveSuit | Update the firmware of your Android A10 tablet"
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The freeware download presented here is called LiveSuit. It’s a dedicated solution for flashing firmware onto specific tablets. As such, it will enable you to update the firmware of your Android A10 tablet. In general, reasons for updating firmware include fixing bugs or additional features for the device in question.

Use LiveSuit to flash an A10-based tablet

LiveSuit is a dedicated utility to flash tablets with an A10 processor, also referred to as the Allwinner A10, a single-core system on a chip (SOC). Here’s not the place to go into further technical details about this and it’s up to you to determine whether your tablet has this specific processor. If you’re not capable of doing so, this application is probably not for you and it’s recommended you don’t use it if you don’t want to brick your device, hence if in any doubt, contact your IT specialist before proceeding.

LiveSuit can be a dangerous program if you don't know what you're doing. So, first, verify your device's manual to make sure it has an A10 processor and then make a backup of your tablet as all data residing on it, as well as installed apps might be erased.

Use LiveSuit to update your firmware

Now that you’ve done your verifications and you’re sure you have an Allwinner A10-based device you can proceed to download LiveSuit. Note though, before installing it you should root your tablet as this is a basic requirement. Rooting is the process of allowing root access as to obtain privileged control.

You should also obtain the firmware update to install, or a custom ROM which might offer bugfixes and additional features annex functionality.

The LiveSuit pack also requires additional USB drivers to be installed on your Windows computer as to be able to communicate with your tablet and perform the flashing.

As such, LiveSuit might impact the quality and working condition of your tablet, depending on the firmware or custom ROM you're using.

Conclusion about LiveSuit

The process of flashing a device and updating firmware is not something novice users should perform, at least when you want to keep the risk of damaging or rendering your device unusable as low as possible. Hence, a thorough preparation is required and it’s recommended you first read through the manual included with the LiveSuit download.

Take your time to completely backup your device first, root it if it isn’t yet, create a new backup after rooting it successfully, search online for a dedicated firmware update from your device manufacturer, or a custom ROM. In case of the latter, do some additional research, read newsgroups and forums to find out about other experiences using a similar ROM for the same hardware as yours, evaluate the remarks, comments and recommendations others put online, and then, when you have it all clear, ensure you’re in optimal conditions to start the flashing process using LiveSuit.

Those among you having read through the entire article and ready to do their research can proceed to the download of this dedicated application to read through its manual and proceed to its installation at the right moment.

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