Karaoke Video Creator

Karaoke Video Creator

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"Create your own karaoke files out of your favourite songs"
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Karaoke Video Creator

If you want to improve your singing skills at home instead of going to a noisy bar, there are tools that can make it possible.

Karaoke Video Creator is one of those programs. It enables you to make your own karaoke videos out of your favourite songs, that way you can impress your friends when going to a karaoke bar.

The program includes a variety of options and features for multiple possibilities at the time of creating karaoke. You can add lyrics for the songs you are working on, add images, titles, photos and even backgrounds.

That`s not it, Karaoke Video Creator allows you to eliminate voice from songs and only keep the audio track, so that you can have a karaoke file out of any of your CDs. In order to provide optimal output quality, the program offers options to tweak and synchronize lyrics and videos at great precision.

Once you have your Karaoke videos done, the program lets you save them in AVI format, but not only that, you can even directly publish them on YouTube.

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