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"Play all outstanding Nintendo DS games now on your PC"
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Nintendo DS is an advanced portable console created by Nintendo, which features a Wi-Fi internet connection to play online with others. It possesses two bright LCD screens for an exciting double game play and an excellent touch screen technology. Pokemon, Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Mario Kart and others; all these games are great releases on the Nintendo DS console, and now you can play them on your computer.

We present iDeaS, an program capable of emulating outstanding games for Nintendo DS, allowing you to play them from your computer. This emulator offers an interface, that recreates the current screen of this portable console, featuring the touch technology (controlled by the mouse) and double screen (controlled by the keyboard).

With iDeaS you will be able to take snapshots of the two screens. You can even remap keys in order to obtain a more comfortable control when you play your favorite game. This Nintendo DS emulator is compatible with ROMs in formats like NDS, PME and BIN. It features a drag and drop support to easily execute them. iDeaS also brings a debugger capable of analyzing the execution of all ROMs.

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