Harmony Assistant

Harmony Assistant

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"Compose, edit, print and playback your music"
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Harmony Assistant

Harmony Assistant is a great all-in-one musical application. By using it users will be able to compose, playback, print and interact with music.

The program possesses digital audio functions. Its harmonizing features allow users to compose and build scores. The best of all is that the tasks can be done with ease and considered speed.

Harmony Assistant includes an extensive set of musical symbols, which you can use to edit your scores. For instance, with the page mode you´ll be able to edit your score the exact way you want it to be printed. With the engraver mode your score will look nicer.

What´s more, the program has a built-in synthesizer, SoftSynth, that way you´ll not need other software but your sound card. It is possible to import tracks in formats like OGG, AIFF, WAV, MP3, etc.

Harmony Assistant is a great assistant for professional musicians and composers.

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