GTA IV Waterlevel Tool

GTA IV Waterlevel Tool

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"Cause a flood in Liberty City - Grand Theft Auto"
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GTA IV Waterlevel Tool

Elsewhere on Winportal we presented various versions of the renown game GTA, or Grand Theft Auto. Now, the set of this action game takes place in Liberty city, where murderers and thieves reign.

The utility presented here, called GTA IV Waterlevel Tool, will enable you to raise the water level to the point you’ll be flooding that city, which might increasing the fun of the game.

So, with this simple GTA IV Waterlevel Tool you will only have to select your GTA IV installation folder and enter the water height of your preference. Once set, next time you start Grand Theft Auto the fun might begin.

Note that it even allows you to cause reversible effects.

So, if you’re up to playing Grand Theft Auto with some more adrenaline and suspense, as a water disaster is nearby, proceed to the download now.

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